Friday, I’m In Love…

with Best Coast, the California duo that just put out an amazing record, California Nights!

photo from

While California Nights is not start-to-finish my favorite album of 2015, it is perfect and fitting for mid-June Massachusetts weather. Bethany’s voice sounds stronger than ever, and the songs are polished to poolside perfection. While the opening tracks “Feeling Ok” and “Fine Without You” are serious contenders for best track, my favorite has to be the title track, “California Nights.” Despite simple lyrics, its sound is mature, moody, and evocative of West Coast sunsets. The song wouldn’t feel out of place on Hole’s Celebrity Skin, which, coming from me, is a serious compliment. You could play this track during a blizzard and be instantly transported into summer.

I’ve been a fan of Best Coast since before she even put out a record, so watching her star rise these last few years has been such a joy. I’m so glad her songs haven’t lost their carefree, youthful vibe.

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