I had my morning coffee on this beautiful-ass porch today. I know vacation is a short-lived thing, but it feels like it will go on forever. I’m blissfully happy. New fiancé, new family, new city. Things couldn’t be better.

Can you believe these jerks are getting married?

At this very moment we’re at a Phish concert. I’ve never heard a Phish song in my life, but the night has been incredible. I’m so fortunate that my little brother got to join us.

The Phish concert was at Shoreline, which is like the Bay Area “Great Woods”, for us oldies.
I probably shouldn’t blog when I’m drunk/at a concert, but I absolutely love life. I love every single person that has cared enough to read even one of these posts. You are all incredible. Thank you for supporting me and my adventures. Things will only get better from here.

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