Doughnut Obsession: Blackbird Doughnuts 

I finally tried Blackbird Doughnuts today, and there are no words. NO WORDS.

492 Tremont St Boston, MA

Just kidding, there are always words! Blackbird is an artisanal doughnut shop on Tremont St. that bakes on site and has an ever-rotating menu of flavors. While they have plenty of “normal” flavors (chocolate frosted, vanilla glaze, etc.) they also don’t skimp on the creativity! I had an Everything Bagel Doughnut. That’s right—a freaking savory doughnut. It was even sliced down the middle with cream cheese frosting on it. Onion and garlic on a doughnut doesn’t sound good, but BOY was it!


I chose the Everything Bagel and the Lemon-Poppy. Michael’s sweet tooth won out and he got Triple Chocolate Cake and Strawberry-Honey. Blackbird also serves a cold brew that’s really smooth, so I filled up my mason jar (zero-waste, y’all!)

In conclusion, run—don’t walk!—to Blackbird and get yo’self some damn doughnuts. Bonus points: there’s actual street parking there! I know! In the city of Boston!

Are there any other kickass shops in Boston that I should know about?!



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