Oh Snappy Day

So, just tossing it out there, but I have a Snapchat! I really should have named this blog “Highway to Chel” since that’s what I am on all of my social accounts.

Snapchat has honestly become one of my favorite social media platforms. It’s so low-stakes. No need to curate an existence. I would never post no-makeup pics on Insta, but they’re all over Snappy. It’s such an awesome way to connect with your fave internet people on a more intimate level, but still maintain privacy and control.

I feel like I’m the most ME on Snappy, since so few people watch my story. I haven’t been as consistent with this blog as I’ve wanted to be, so Snap is a great way to keep up on those weeks when I don’t post. I dream of the day when I can quit working an actual job (or reduce hours) and devote myself completely to my little corner of the internet, but that may never come. So on-the-fly Snaps it will be for now.

Follow me on ALL the things (and I mean all the things) @highwaytochel!

tfw your screenshot catches you duck-facin’

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