Dressed to #SLAY

Something momentous just happened, and I’d be remiss not to share.

We finally bought Michael’s wedding outfit! I mean, we still technically need to buy him a white slim-fit button-down and a nice pair of brown leather dress shoes, but hot damn is his suit fire.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 8.29.12 PM
image & sexiness via ASOS

It is SO Michael to wear green to our wedding. He loves earth tones and as the anti-Bridezilla that I try to be, I wanted him to express himself! It’s his day too!

I knew that ASOS was having an up-to-70% off sale, so I clicked on men’s to see if I could snag anything Michael needed. I had no idea they sold suiting!  I was all set to buy some charcoal grey suit paints but lo and behold!—there was a dark green vest and—GASP!—it had coordinating suit separates! We added a green skinny tie, a tie clip, and some fresh-ass cufflinks and BAM: (almost) and entire wedding ensemble for under $130.

I’m thinking maybe these shoes to polish the look?

…And maybe this and this to polish off the night? Oh, you bad.

P.S. I literally feel like I stan for ASOS so hard that I’m trying to The Secret a sponsorship. It’s baaaad.



**edit 3/23/17

Michael actually ended up getting a real smart navy blue pinstriped Michael Kors suit. It was sensational—he looked better than I did! Photos are here and here!

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