Spending Not-So-Fast

Oh, boy, have I failed at this experiment. The past two months have been a downward spending spiral. Which means that, starting next week, I have to recommit.

I think it might help to reestablish my needs list. It’s a core tenant of The Fast.


  • student loan payments
  • car payment
  • cell phone bill
  • groceries
  • gas
  • toiletries
  • Netflix & Hulu subscriptions
  • 1 “luxury item” per week (bottle of wine, etc)
  • a dress for my bridal shower

That’s pretty much it. I have basically no excuse to purchase anything else. Especially with a wedding coming up. Hopefully posting this, publicly, will help me stay on track.

The “luxury item” shouldn’t really be a need, but severe restrictions tend to lead to spending rebounds. If I have it in mind that I can buy one little thing to keep myself sane, like a takeout coffee or some wine, I think it will help me ease into financial bad-assery again.

I don’t want my in-the-moment depressive bouts to affect my future.

To the fast!


Can you tell I’m super enthusiastic about this? #frugallife


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