Goals, Fears, and Dream Careers


I’m back on my bullshit in 2018! Since I’m finally in therapy, I decided that 2018 would be the year I attempt to get my life in order. The trouble is, I’m afraid of literally everything.


  • Rejection
  • Imperfection
  • Taking risks
  • The unknown

I am, truly, truly, terrified of everything. I’m an insane perfectionist. I research everything before I attempt it. I even second-guess things I’ve known my whole life, like basic math and the Boston T map. My greatest fear is publicly making a mistake, or not knowing something when I feel I should. It’s why I’m mortified by the idea of exercising—being red-faced and sweaty in front of people?! I’m an anxious wreck. In 2018, I will (try to) accept that I am but a weak human, and have a proclivity to error, as my Medieval Lit professor might say. It’s okay that I don’t know my way around London—I’ve never been there! It’s okay if my piece doesn’t get selected for publication—tons of other talented people submitted! I’m setting my goals based on these principles: I’m going to face rejection, take chances, and let my hair down.

2018 Goals:

  • Apply to and present at a conference
  • Submit a piece of writing for publication/start pitching regularly
  • Apply for television or writing internships
  • Commit to and develop this blog
  • Travel abroad (Oxford, baby!)
  • Graduate with my master’s
  • Write a spec script
  • Start job-hunting for an actual career relevant to my interests

For a 26-going-on-27-year-old, this is a pretty low-stakes list. But if I want to be in L.A. by age 30 (HA! As if!), I’ve got to at least learn how to try.

How do you stay motivated to kick your fears to the curb?



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