Oh Chat!


What better way to express that you’re an avid cat-lady/francophile? A shirt that says, “Oh Chat”! When I found this in the ASOS online outlet (my ultimate weakness), I HAD to have it! Also, it has side slits so I can show off my rarely-seen tattoos.

top/Asos, sandals/Keds, sunnies/ABM for BonLook

Today was beyond gorgeous—a major plus since Michael and I had to wake up at the crack of dawn and drive into Boston to renew his passport for our trip to Montréal this weekend! But on the bright side, I found street parking (twice!) and treated us to doughnuts and coffee at Blackbird Doughnuts!


Also, white pants forever! I avoided white pants like the plague for years because I assumed that disaster would befall me if I ever wore them. 2016 has been the year of white pants for me, and nothing terrible has happened! No stains! No “surprise visitors”!

*furiously knocks on wood*


I took advantage of the nice weather to finish the novel I’m reading and start an overdue paper for school. I finished the book, but only wrote about a paragraph of the paper…oops.


The book, In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez, is so good that I’m planning on devoting a post to it. Easily the best book I’ve read all year!

How are you enjoying the beautiful springtime weather?


Wednesday Wears 

It’s official! Nice weather is back. It was 80 degrees and sunny today! I live for shorteralls, so this is very good news! 


I didn’t have to work today (praise), so I stayed in pajamas until almost 2. When I finally worked up the motivation to shower and put on clothes I had to rush out the door to cash in our cans before the redemption center closed. I know. Exciting life!


I bought this denim jacket about a million years ago at Old Navy. I don’t shop there anymore because working in retail has made me a little snobby, but this jacket is my absolute favorite. It goes with everything. It’s like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Jacket.

My fiancé is an inch shorter than me (much to both of our chagrin), so whenever he’s not around I make sure to rock platforms like it’s my job!


I haven’t really gotten into the enamel pin trend, and now with the Spending Fast, I don’t have the option, but when Cameron Esposito put out her last special, Marriage Material, she had some pins available as merch. This one says “Breast Stroke Specialist” and the other (on my opposite lapel) is a Chinese food take-out box filled with sperms. It brings me soooo much life.

The other button is handmade merch from the NAF/M. Ward show at Royale last weekend (which was amazing).

I’m hoping that the beautiful weather brings me more energy! I have been dead tired for weeks—I think it’s a side effect of spring allergies.

If you need me, I’ll be outside forever!

bag/Kate Spade, jacket/Old Navy, top/Jenny Lewis merch, shorteralls/thrifted, shoes/Zigi Soho, sunnies/ABM for Bonlook, necklace/Monqstyle, headband/Charming Charlie, pins/Kill Rock Stars