We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

As you read this, I’m on a plane to London (via Shannon, Ireland)! Because I don’t know how I’ll be affected by jet lag, your Sunday Kind of Love is coming a few days early this week! Here’s wassup:

GLOW is the best show on “television.”

In honor of finally watching GLOW, I’m revisiting Kate Nash‘s first album and it’s so divine! Also, my husband has requested I sing him the GLOW rap as a nightly lullaby.

We’re finally getting around to watching the final season of New Girl.

Bought this denim bag and I am deeply obsessed with it.

Best suncreen ever? Best sunscreen ever.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the hero we need in these trying times.

This article about Lena Dunham’s decision to undergo a hysterectomy at 31.

In honor of Julie Klausner‘s 40th birthday this week, let’s all join in her crusade to get DJ Khaled fired as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers! ICYMI, DJ Khaled went on a misogynist rant which, frankly, no pun intended, sucked.

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, so in honor of that, please enjoy the most patriotic gif of all time:


And finally, in honor of me leavin’ on a jet plane, here’s Sherri Bemis’s cover of “Leaving on a Jetplane!”

Ciao, le Felicias!



Brand Crush—Minnetonka Moccasin

My Sheepskin Hardsole Slippers. If they look “lived in” it’s because I rarely take them off in the winter.

For the last year and a half, I have been pretty deeply obsessed with Minnetonka Moccasins. My first pair were Leopard Kiltys, which I bought on clearance at my work, and I’ve been a fiend ever since.

My first ever pair of Minnetonkas, purchased Summer 2014: the Leopard Kilty Moccasin

I first heard about the brand through Sherri Dupree-Bemis’ Instagram. She is a huge fan—in fact, she has even been featured on their blog! When I discovered that my work carried them, I knew I had to try them out. I love moccasins, but the pairs I had owned in the past were poor quality and didn’t hold up. Quality is a hallmark of Minnetonka—these things have been a hit for 70 years for a reason.

Sadly, these ABM collab Thunderbirds have recently sold out. Thanks to the amazing customer service team at Minnetonka, I actually ended up with the last turquoise pair in my size! 

In addition to their Eisley feature, Minnetonka is becoming know for its kickass collaborations. Last year, they teamed up with Elsie & Emma of A Beautiful Mess to create two whimsical styles of their signature beaded Thunderbirds. They also currently have a line with high-end retailer Opening Ceremony featuring blinged-out slippers and moccasins, as well as Minnetonka for Hello Kitty (not exactly my jam, but cute nonetheless).

This ribbon style isn’t available on their site anymore. It came in this tan color and navy blue, and now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get the navy as well!

Beyond quality, another hallmark of Minnetonka is their pricing. My jaw was on the floor when I saw how inexpensive these things are. An average pair of moccasins will run you from $38.95-$49.95, and that’s for genuine suede! They also have an array of other leathers that they use to craft their shoes. AND they have free shipping on all purchases over $65 (and free shipping promotions throughout the holidays!)

Minnetonkas are an awesome way to incorporate fashion-forward footwear into your life without breaking the bank or destroying your feet. The mocc motto is “comfort over everything”.

DSW & Modcloth, among other stores, sell Minnetonkas, but now I almost always go straight to the source to buy mine. Not only are the prices unbeatable, but the customer service is speedy and incredible.

Classic Fringe Hardsole Boots—people freak out over how cute these things are!

**As a (basically lifelong) vegetarian/flexitarian, I struggled for a long time with the decision to include animal products (leather, suede, etc) in my wardrobe. It just didn’t seem right. I could just be whistling Dixie, but to me, buying one pair of leather moccasins that will last years as opposed to a cheap pair of textile moccs that I’ll replace annually seems to have a smaller environmental and financial impact. The jury is still out on the impact of man-made materials (pleather, PVC), and since I avoid meat primarily out of concern for the environment (with a helping of concern for animal welfare, of course) I take a more traditional route when building my wardrobe.

Leaving On a Jet Plane

We’re California bound in 4 days! I’m so excited! I haven’t been to the Bay Area since 1999, so I hardly remember it. I’ve already packed my clothes. I actually had a bit of a stress nightmare about the airport and the flight. I’m not a great traveler, and I’m an even worse sleeper.

I haven’t even begun to plan all of our activities. My main priorities are jumping into the Pacific Ocean, eating at In N Out (my few-times-a-decade exception to vegetarianism), and going to the Amoeba Records in San Fran & Berkeley, but we have a whole 8 or 9 days to fill! I definitely want to hit up some art museums, but unfortunately the SFMOMA is closed for expansion right now! This is the second time I’ll have been deprived of a MOMA on a trip…not cool.

I’m going to start compiling a list of coffee/donut shops in the Bay Area since we are sorely lacking them in our little corner of the country. Of course, we’ll be spending a ton of time with family. My cousin Shelly is the owner/designer of the Oakland-based jewelry company Harp Designs, so we’ll have to visit with her and (maybe??) talk about having her design our wedding bands. She was actually just profiled on another blog—a must-read!

In other news, this happened:

He liked it, so he put a ring on it!
glasses/Warby Parker, ring/refurbished vintage (my mother’s), dress/American Apparel

I finally got my engagement ring after 2.5 weeks of being engaged. It sounds like nothing, but when people frantically reach for your left hand to check your bling multiple times per day, it’s so disappointing to have to say, “Oh, I don’t have my ring yet,” or to explain that the one I was wearing was a big ol’ fake. I’m getting married, and now I have proof! What is life?

Sherri Dupree Bemis of one of my favorite bands, Eisley, recently recorded a cover of the John Denver/Peter, Paul, and Mary song “Leaving On A Jet Plane”. It’s sweet, lovely, and available for free download on Soundcloud. In honor of our trip (which I’m dubbing our engagement trip even though the two are unrelated), I’ve posted it below for your listening pleasure.