Wishlist Wednesday

Alright, it’s Thursday. Get off my back! As that garbage Christina Perry song goes, “I’m Only Human”!

Now that I’m (officially) on track to be a broke grad student, I can’t shop with the reckless abandon that I have been lately. I’ve long been a practitioner of retail therapy, but it might be time to hang up my hat. I don’t think I’ll ever truly free myself from the shackles of capitalism, but it can’t hurt to window-shop…right?

With that in mind, here’s some of my current wishlist!


I heard about RINGLY a few years back, but stumbled upon the company again while I was whiling away the hours on Amazon recently (a dangerous pastime, I know).

Side note: I am NOT responsible enough to have discounted Student Amazon Prime. Last night I bought 11 nose rings, a magnet, and a retro kitchen timer. O brave new world, with such gadgets in it!

But anyway, despite the fact that I cannot justify spending $165 on a ring that does not a. contain diamonds or b. alert the world to my marital status, I still want one so badly! They’re so pretty, and I’m dying to find an excuse to disconnect from my phone for a while. First Date, Daydream, or Dive Bar would all be perfect complements to any outfit. The bracelets, which I believe are a newer addition, are just as adorable, and way more fashion-forward than the FitBit I’ve been rocking. And I do have a birthday coming up in August…

All of the Lights, All of the Lights!

I’ve recently been tasked with a joyous assignment—picking out a new light fixture for my husband’s office! After years of waiting for this to be “his idea” he finally asked me to upgrade his situation, and I am only too happy to comply. As you may or may not know, I have a mild obsession with light fixtures, but have never had the budget to swap out all the ceiling lights in my house (saving that for home ownership, bby!)

To get an idea of my true style, check these babies from Anthropologie: Brass-Capped Spinning Pendant, Villier Chandelier, Anchored Ord Chandelier. As indulgent as my husband often is in my flights of fancy, there is no way in Hell that he’ll let me spend a grand of his $$$ on a light, so here are some far more reasonable options I’m going to throw at him.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 8.42.51 AM.png
Bell White Flush Mount Lamp, CB2
Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 8.35.26 AM.png
Alchemist Pendant in Gold, Anthropologie
Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 8.39.26 AM.png
Mid Century Sputnik in Modern Brass, Lucent Lightshop


Madewell Denim

I’ve only ever snagged Madewell denim on sale, but in my aspirational life where I have upwards of $120 to spend on a single pair of jeans, I will live in it. The few pieces I own are the most beautiful, buttery-soft, perfect jeans known to man. Fun fact: I actually like my Madewells over my Citizens of Humanity, so, do with that information what you will.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.08.53 AM.png
this triptych of denim perfection is literally what I imagine Paris looks like

Gimme all the pairs! The fit of Madewell pants is actual perfection. The same can’t be said about sister brand, J.Crew, unfortunately, or at least not for me and my disproportionately massive butt. I don’t know if it’s vanity sizing or what, but stepping into a pair of Madewells is like the Sisterhood of the damn Traveling Pants. Booty for days.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.11.14 AM.png

I’m also super-feeling the wide-leg trend. I guess all these years of reading Man Repeller has finally gotten to me. I resisted wide-legs for years because I assumed they’d make me look, well, wider. I was wrong, bbs! I have this amazing velvet pair of cropped flares and pair similar to this gorgeous J.Crew pair and they are serving me LIFE on a silver platter.


These are just a few selections from the abandoned shopping carts that I have littered the internet with lately. What have you been salivating over lately?




Fourth of July

So, from the title, you probably think that I’m going to link you to a Sufjan Stevens song, right? (You guys are probably going to think I only bought 1 album this year. My bank account says/weeps otherwise.)

We celebrated the Fourth of July in style, graciously hosted by the family of my fiancé’s dear friends. I had never been down to Manomet before. I didn’t even realize Plymouth was that beachy of a town. I’m so bad at being from Massachusetts.

manomet 6manomet 5manomet 4manomet 3manomet 1

We asked a friend of ours to catch some beach/engagement snaps. Not a single one turned out decent but the bloopers are pretty hilarious.

manomet 7
This is legitimately more of an accurate depiction of our relationship than any of the staged photos.
manomet 8
sweatshirt/Madewell, jeans/Banana Republic, sneakers/Keds

On Sunday, the day after we arrived, Fig had a gig in Hyannis at an outdoor music festival. I wish I could say I actually listened to them play, but I met his drummer’s wife (aka the most interesting person alive). Nothing pleases me more than meeting older (as in, older than my mere 23/4) women that have achieved great things in their lives. This woman is a historian with a PhD whose father is a medievalist and who can sew period clothing (as in, potentially, a 1930s-style wedding gown for me). That doesn’t even begin to describe her merits. It was 100% worth the hideous 2 hours we got stuck in traffic on the way back to meet this amazing human being.

hyannis 1
Things are just prettier down the Cape.

hyannis 2Hyannis was such a cute town. As a native Bostonian who has spent 0 time down the Cape, it was refreshing to see such quaintness as the south of Massachusetts boasts.

My dad and I got crêpes! It was kind of a perfect morning,
My dad and I got crêpes! It was kind of a perfect morning,

hyannis 4

I didn't know there was a JFK Museum in Hyannis! I wish we could have stayed to tour it.
I didn’t know there was a JFK Museum in Hyannis! I wish we could have stayed to tour it.

My fiancé is not one for the beach, so my dad (who had faithfully shown up for the gig) and I took a cooler of Millers down the beach and got our ocean on. I got what amounts to about half a sunburn (while wearing organic SPF 50 baby sunscreen), and jumped in the Atlantic for the first time since 2013. I’m so lucky to call my father one of my best friends. We actually just got back from having drinks with my newly 22-year-old baby brother. It was so great to have a relaxing beach day. Although relaxing apparently took a lot out of me—I slept like 14 hours Sunday-Monday night!)

I dutifully returned to work after our truncated (but amazing) weekend on the coast. My store marked down a bunch of Tahari sample sized dresses down to $12.95 as a July 4th special, so of course I had to try on about a thousand of them. Unfortunately (or…fortunately?) at size 6, most of them were hilariously huge on me. I’m still buying a royal blue jumpsuit though, and having it altered. I mean, c’mon, $12.95 plus my employee discount??

I mostly picked out white dresses (because REASONS!) and I landed on one that actually fit me. I texted my fiancé this picture with the caption, “$9 wedding dress? Probably.” Needless to say, he was down. We’re obsessed with the environment/fighting the wedding industrial complex, so any frugality is a plus.

dress 1dress 2The dress probably looks wacky because it’s super sheer, but it’s nothing a slip or shapewear couldn’t fix!

I have Friday off from work, so I’m going to try to commit to an honest-to-goodness recipe post and actually see the mission of this blog through. But for now, here’s a My Morning Jacket tune that rules! I haven’t been able to stop listening to this album. It makes me wish I’d gotten on the MMJ wagon a long time ago!


I took a few half-days at work this month so that I could take a night class. I have just enough time in between to drive home, eat lunch, and change before heading back out on the road.

IMG_7689 IMG_7690

As I’ve previously mentioned, my dress code at work (which I must admit is pretty permissive compared to other dress codes I’ve had to observe) is primarily black, so on “school days” I do a mid-day outfit switch so that my pasty skin can soak up some Vitamin D. I’m for-reals medically deficient, so it’s been a balancing act between getting adequate sun exposure and practicing “safe sun.” And playing in the sun is a lot more fun than swallowing the bright green horse-pill supplement that I have to take.

So grateful to have a big wooden porch this summer.
So grateful to have a big wooden porch this summer.

I noticed a funny thing when I looked at these photos this evening. Both my work-appropriate outfit and my life outfit today featured Madewell & Keds. Where’s my endorsement deal, universe? I could totally be a spokeswoman for tiny adorable sneakers. I’m almost 5’8″, so flats and sneaks are more of a way of life than a fashion choice. #tallgirlproblems, right?

The rest of my evening will be spent finishing off last night’s Vinho Verde, watching Orange Is The New Black instead of working on my research, and then eventually capitulating to my education, making an irresponsible cup of night coffee, and sucking it up. Schoolwork can be tedious, but that minor annoyance is exponentially exacerbated by procrastination, something at which I excel. Here’s hoping I get inspired by the feminist muses to thoughtfully analyze elegiac poetry!

I'm not really sure what my mouth is doing here, but when your curl game is strong, you gotta to document that shit.
I’m not really sure what my mouth is doing here, but when your curl game is strong, you gotta to document that shit.

top/Madewell, shorts/Banana Republic, shoes/Keds, bag/Kelsi Dagger BK, sunnies/vintage (aka the ones I wear in every picture), earrings/Kate Spade